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Clean CSS & Minify CSS


Paste your CSS below:

Grab your Cleaned / Minified CSS below:


  1. Type or Paste your CSS in left box.
  2. If your existing CSS is messy & you want to clean CSS, click on "Clean CSS" button. Or if you would like to Minify your existing CSS, then click on "Minify CSS" button.
  3. Cleaned/Minified CSS will be generated in a snap, within the box on the right.
  4. You may copy the generated CSS code in your own CSS file.


If you need to generate CSS from your HTML markup for free, then visit Bee CSS - Free Online CSS generator

What you give

What you give - Messy CSS styles
What you give - Any CSS styles you have

What you get

What you get - Cleaned CSS styles - Easier to read and maintain
What you get - Minified CSS - Saves bandwidth and space
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